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2 Apr

literal march madness

okay, so as the title insinuated, march was literally insane. in fact, i am writing to tell you about it from the hospital, next to my dad, who's been in here for going on 18 days as i type. march has been a month of personal testing. strength of family, support from a daughter, needing my husband ...
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16 Mar

how i crushed low energy

okay girls, to say i've struggled with low energy for a while now is an understatement. i recently shared my workout routine in this blog post here so you know i need energy to keep up with my own goals. needless to say, i had no clue what i was in for when i would try my share of products to cater to my low energy levels. there are a few important items to mention first. i take an iron pill because i have low iron levels, which are especially terrible during my time of the month. so this is part of my routine, but may not necessarily need to be part of yours. i am actually partnering with care/of vitamins...
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